• November Favourites •

• November Favourites •

Hi everyone!

It’s now officially December, so I thought it might be time to write about my November favourites and what I have enjoyed so far in this busy month. I am going to include not only products, but also activities and experiences in my favourites. I hope you enjoy!


• Outlander 5: The Fiery Cross •

Outlander is a series of book by Diana Gabaldon, and they are AMAZING. It’s clear that I think this because I am reading book 5! Recently, Starz has created a TV version of the books, and they have produced two seasons so far. These are also so much fun to watch, but of course, as with most book-film adaptations, the books are arguably better – more detail, of course.

There’s history, there’s romance, there are battles and there are plenty of plot lines to follow. It’s so great because things happen that you don’t expect, and things that you don’t think are as important when you initially read them come up as important issues later in the book. It’s initially about a woman who is a war nurse from the year 1945 travelling to Scotland with her husband. Whilst there, she accidentally passes through ancient standing stones and finds herself in the year 1743. The story that follows includes adventures and disasters, love and war, and a lot of things that are actually very relatable, even to us in 2016!



• Working at Pandora – and wearing the beautiful jewellery •

I started working at Pandora about a month ago, and I was standing at work today when I realised that I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It is just so much fun to help people find their perfect gift or a treat for themselves. Since I have started working there, I have also picked up a few Pandora items that I really love wearing. I don’t only wear them to work but I wear them out with friends and with Mr Czech as well.

I just love how the jewellery pieces make any outfit look that bit nicer. I find that when you wear the jewellery with a red lip, it looks really beautiful. I also decided that I didn’t want to wear “fake” or “costume” jewellery very much any more, because it just doesn’t feel the same as wearing Pandora’s gorgeous sterling silver (or Rose or  14ct Gold) jewellery. It’s classic, timeless and elegant.


• The Crown •

I do love my history, and I am very interested in the British Royal Family throughout time. I have watched countless documentaries on King Henry VIII (pretty much every single good one on YouTube), and shows on the Royal history of England. Naturally, when I saw The Crown, I wanted to try it out.

I thought at first that it may be a bit dry or boring, and I felt that the history is a bit recent, given that the Queen is of course still around, so it felt a bit like poking into her private life. However, as I watched it, I was absolutely enamoured. I loved watching the shows interpretation of not only the Queen’s more private life and family, but I also loved learning about the history regarding Winston Churchill, the Queen’s role in politics, and the political and constitutional role in the Queen’s own life and decisions.


• Bourjois Eyeliner •

I had had this old thick-penciled double-sided eyeliner for over a year (don’t tell me – I already know how bad this is!! WHY did I not get a new one earlier?!). I knew I desperately needed a new one. And when I attempted to use my old one for my stage makeup before the ballet concert, the results were absolutely woeful.

This was when I saw the eyeliner that one of my best friends was using: the Bourjois liquid eyeliner. The results were so much better and really easy to apply. It has a very small tip and using it is almost like making art with a very fine paintbrush. I purchased the extra dark one. The only thing I have to be careful about is the amount that I apply. If I apply too much, there can be a risk of it coming off underneath my eye area.


•My Ballet Concert •

I had my ballet concert in mid-November, and it was so much fun. I was in two dances, Danza Clasica and Dance Russe. Danza Clasica was a beautiful Spanish dance performed in a tutu (my first time wearing a tutu for concert!), and Dance Russe was a gorgeous Russian dance performed en pointe. We had been learning the dances for several terms and carefully honing our skills and technique. Ballet is so enjoyable and graceful; you forget that you’re exercising but you do improve your fitness. It is a fantastic way to express your emotions and it makes your body feel so good as well.

The concert day itself was a really fun girls’ day with all my amazing friends from dance class. We ate so much chocolate and sweeties, chatted and practiced our dance together. It’s so great getting out there on the stage with your friends and all moving as one, performing together and all being so exhilarated and happy – it was the best!


• Getting my nails done •

Before I had my nails done after my final exam a couple of weeks ago, I had never had shellac or anything of the sort on my nails. I always just painted them myself or very occasionally had them painted. However, I have discovered the many benefits that come with having your nails done in shellac, and I love it!

The nail polish lasts for around two weeks, and you can file the nails down if you need to without ruining the polish. It has also allowed me to grow my nails out more. Without the shellac, my nails often split off because I am using my fingers so much, both for writing and at work with the jewellery. The shellac protects the nails. It also only costs $25 to have them done at my local nail salon, and, of course, the main benefit is that they look gorgeous!



And that’s it for my November favourites, I hope you got some cool ideas and inspiration for fun activities to do or products to try. And now, let’s look forward to a busy and festive December!


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