• How to make your room feel like Christmas •

• How to make your room feel like Christmas •

I’ve just finished decorating my bedroom for Christmas, and it looked so pretty that I thought I’d write a post about it! I tried not to make it look too cluttered, whilst also keeping a classy look with lots of Christmas cheer. Decorations just make me feel so happy, so I thought I’d share it with you too. Hope you enjoy!

• Buy a mini Christmas tree and put it up on a shelf or desk •

My tree!

My tree is the one in the middle in this picture. It has baubles on it that I have purchased in recent years, as well as little decorations that I made as a young child. It is a great keepsake and I love it!

• Hang pretty baubles from your window •


I made all of these baubles last year when I got into a really Christmas-obsessed phase (totally different from now!). It was so much fun, I bought the glass baubles from Spotlight and then purchased the tiny little additions from Spotlight and other knick-knack stores. Hanging the baubles from your window just adds that bit of pretty Christmas glitter and sparkle to an often forgotten area.

• Add little bits of Christmas cheer to your shelves here and there •


I love these little Joy squares, which I found at the Christmas shop – a shop which is so delightful that I thoroughly enjoy it each time I go in there. They’re not very big at all, but super festive and very cute! The candy canes add to it as well.

• Have an advent calendar and take joy in opening it every day •


Advent calendars are great. They give you something nice to look forward to every day. It’s so nice to get a little surprise – as long as you don’t eat all the treats beforehand. I must say, this is totally something my sister is guilty of, but somehow I seem to manage to wait and have one each day (don’t ask me how – I am a self-confessed chocoholic). It’s also really cool to get beauty-related advent calendars, although obviously these will be more expensive than snack ones.

• Wrap any gifts that you have bought and put it under your tree •


I’ve only bought one gift so far – for Mr Czech – but I wrapped it in beautiful wrapping today with a nice big bow, and adding it underneath the tree makes the whole room feel that much more like Christmas. I can’t wait to have my other gifts for my friends and family to add under my tree as well.

•Hang a pretty bow or wreath on your door•

I got this gorgeous bow last year, and it is just so beautiful. Every time I enter my room, I get a little reminder that it is Christmastime.

Thanks for reading, and hope you liked these ideas 😊 !



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