• Things to do in: Berlin •

• Things to do in: Berlin •

Berlin was such an amazing, vibrant, oxymoronic city, and I loved it! On Mr Czech’s tour of Berlin (like any tour of his), we saw about six sites a day and we absolutely packed everything that we could into every minute of our time there. Berlin is a huge mix of the old and the new: it was the most “hipster” city I had ever been to, yet it has such a rich and long history. So many people travel on bikes, and beautiful works of graffiti art adorn old buildings and streets. The history is so powerful and it is still visible that you feel as though you are walking through it.

I’ve compiled a list below of places to go to that I highly recommend. Mr Czech and I went to most of these places, and we really enjoyed our stay in Berlin. The whole city just feels so young, yet so old at the same time.


• Go to Checkpoint Charlie •


 The best-known Berlin Wall crossing point between East and West Germany. There is a museum nearby which is packed with historical information relating to the Eastern Bloc period.

• Check out the Jewish Museum •


The history of a people who have been long subjugated is incredibly interesting and eye-opening. I learned a lot about Jewish history, daily life, Hebrew, celebrations and meanings.

• Head up to the TV tower •

View of the Berlin TV Tower (Fernsehturm) at night, in Mitte, Be

The TV Tower offers some fantastic views from the top!

• Be amazed at the Brandenburg Gate •


The Brandenburg Gate is a beautiful piece of architecture, and it is the only remaining gate through which people used to enter Berlin.

• The Holocaust Memorial •

The Holocaust memorial is a very solemn and respectful place.

• Go on a tour – to see the vibrant, artistic and glorious parts of the city •


My tour took us through incredible back-streets where the art world showed itself to the full. I also thoroughly enjoyed some delicious Berlin fare and learned a lot about the surrounding areas.

• The Berlin Wall •



At some parts of the former Berlin Wall, there is simply a label on a flat piece of concrete like the picture on the left, and on other parts there are more easily recognisable remnants of the horrid past.

• Reichstag Building •


Not the best photo, but we chose to see this majestic building at nighttime and it was raining. The architecture is so beautiful, and we really enjoyed learning about the German government throughout history. We had to book in for this one.

• Pergamon Museum •


This museum is full of beautiful ancient artefacts.

• The Topography of Terror •


This place had a lot of information on history during the period of Nazi rule in Germany, including photos and significant detail on different individuals and topics.

• Charlottenburg Palace •


The architecture here is absolutely divine, and the gardens behind the Palace are well-kept and quite beautiful.

•The Berlin Cathedral•


The Berlin Cathedral is absolutely magnificent.

• DDR Museum •


The DDR museum shows what life was like in East Germany. It is incredibly insightful and highly interesting.


Each one of these places are interesting for their own reasons, and in order to see all of them I would recommend you have at least 5 days in Berlin (or 2 days if you’re crazy like Mr Czech and I!). I hope this list has given you some good ideas for your holiday in Berlin.


*not all photos are my own*


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