• Gift Ideas for Him and Her •

• Gift Ideas for Him and Her •

• For Her •

This ultimately depends on the personalities and hobbies of the women you are buying for, but I have put together a little list of gifts I would get for the special ladies in my life. Hopefully these ideas will give you some inspiration!

• A Candle •

In my opinion, candles are amazing gifts. They look beautiful aesthetically as decoration, and also add a beautiful scent to the room. My favourites at the moment are the Christmas themed Glasshouse candle scents. I actually received one as a Christmas gift, which was the Night Before Christmas: Dancing Sugarplums candle, and it smells divine.


• Beautiful Jewellery •

Jewellery is such a good option, and I of course recommend the beautiful Pandora pieces. They’re just so versatile and well-made. I bought Pandora jewellery for my sister, mother and two best friends for Christmas, and they all love their gorgeous pieces.


• A handbag or purse •

A good quality purse or handbag can’t go amiss. It may be best to check with the gift receiver before you buy, as bags can often be quite personal things. However, it is an amazing gift and I actually happen to be receiving one for Christmas from Mum and Dad from the Oroton Forte range. I can’t wait!


• A notebook or organiser •

Notebooks and organisers from places like Kikki K look absolutely gorgeous. The designs are amazing and pretty, and they’re also really well set-out. If you have a lady in your life who loves organizing her work and/or study  and meticulously planning things out with super-cute stickers and notes, this would be the gift for them!


• Makeup •

You can get some great makeup at places like Mecca, where there are various different good-quality makeup brands available and the staff are really helpful. Otherwise, for the great-quality well-known brands globally, you may have to go online and make sure you order well before Christmas to have the gifts on time!


• Skin care •

If you aren’t 100% sure what skin care they use on their face, and if they’re regimental about it: you can always go for the body! There are so many options for looking after your skin for your body. I always like to buy Lush products, and I also recently received some Frank body scrub for Christmas and I can’t wait to try it out!


• A book •

You can never go wrong with a good book. Depending on what they’re into, there’s always something good that you can get from the bookstore. Whether its a book on outer space, a thriller, a beauty book, a language learning guide, or a historical fiction, she will surely appreciate it while relaxing in her free time.


• For Him •

I often find it a little more difficult to find a gift for men than for women, but there are actually a lot of good options out there which the men in your life will surely enjoy!

• A bottle of wine •

A good, tasty bottle of wine (or vodka, whisky etc) tends to be greatly appreciated. Dan’s is my go-to for this kind of thing, and  you can get vouchers there too so they can choose for themselves!



• Exercise gear •

So, I bought exercise gear for Mr Czech for Christmas, and he absolutely loved it. If the man in your life enjoys running, sport, or any sort of exercise, this can be a great option. You can get him some gear in his favourite colours, and also consider the type of sport he will be doing in it. Make sure to hold onto the receipt to double check sizing as well.


• Headphones •

Good-quality headphones are definitely a winner. I bought some for Mr Czech for his birthday recently, and he said that he has really enjoyed using them since.


• Beard or Hair Kit •

Beards are really quite popular these days, and a lot of guys like to style their hair as well. There are loads of little beard pampering kits and hair kits around that guys can use to look after their skin and hair.


• Cup or mug •

I also bought a big mug with the letter “R” on it for Mr Czech for Christmas. It can be a great idea if your man likes to bring his coffees into work or likes to have a coffee at work. He can have his own special cup that no-one else uses. It could also just as easily be used at home. Obviously this is only really an option if he enjoys drinking tea or coffee!


• A book •

As I said above in the “for her” section, a book is a great option for a gift. You can find a great one in the bookstore related to his interests.


• A game •

It may be best to double check with them what games they are interested in or what games have been released recently, but a game is a great idea and will provide hours of fun for the men in your life. You will need to know what sort of console they have as well or whether they prefer to play them on the computer.


I hope this has given you some good ideas for what to give to the men and women in your life for Christmas. Now, obviously a lot of these gifts can be for either men or women in your life and there is no need to conform to stereotypes. I have just put what I would get for the men and women in my life at the moment, and I hope that this has inspired you for your Christmas shopping!





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