•December Favourites•

•December Favourites•

Hi everyone!

I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and Boxing Day. I have a few things that I have really been enjoying this December , so here they are…


• Glasshouse Candle – Dancing Sugarplums Scent •

I had wanted this candle for years. Yes, literally, years. However, I never seemed to quite be able to afford it, or when I finally had some money they would be sold out! These beautiful Christmas-scented candles only come out just before Christmastime, and they smell gorgeous. The packaging is also absolutely divine. This year, I was finally able to have one because one of my best friends bought it for me as a gift! The candle has pride of place on my bedside table, and its gorgeous golden hues add a touch of warmth and glamour to my room.




• Red Oroton Forte Bag •

Yes, I have mentioned this bag in two other blog posts. But honestly I can’t stop mentioning it because I love it so much! In the other posts, I hadn’t yet received the gift as it was pre-Christmas. Since I have received this lovely bag, I have enjoyed every minute of wearing it. It is so beautifully made, and the inside of it allows space for phones, cards, and many zips and pockets for your things. I hadn’t originally been sure on the colour, but now I know – as I should know, being a “red” girl (as opposed to a “pink” girl) – that the red is perfect for me!




• Beautiful framed Quote •

I received a beautiful framed quote from one of my best friends for Christmas, which also has pride of place on my bedside table. She bought it from a little etsy shop called Inkidesignau (link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/InkiDesignAU). It is made with silver foil and I just couldn’t believe it when I received it! It is such a special gift and was entirely unexpected. My friend got to choose the quote that went on there too, and it is one I truly do identify with. This was just so heart-warming and made me feel fantastic.



• NATIO eyeshadow palette •

I recently purchased the NATIO eyeshadow palette, and as it was only $20 for 15 shadows I was a little skeptical. However, it has stayed on my eyelids really well and the colours look quite beautiful on. If you want the colour to be well-seen on your lid, you do need to apply a thicker amount. This can also be a good thing because you can also just have a tiny sparkle or a really elegant nude if you want, for a more natural look. The colour range is also amazing, I can use this palette for days at work or for nights out!



• Vintage Elegance Pandora ring •

I bought this ring for myself a couple of weeks ago. I hadn’t actually been going to buy any more jewellery from my work, as I am (of course) always saving money for travel! However, I was feeling a little down as Mr Czech had just left to go home for Christmas for a month, and I just thought the ring was so elegant and one that I am actually likely to wear outside of work in many years to come. The verdict: I am so, so glad that I got it. In fact, I am wearing it right now as I write this post!



• LUSH Dream Cream •

The LUSH Dream Cream. It really is dreamy. I have actually been using it on and off for a fair while, but I was running out and I asked to get a new big tub for Christmas (which I got- yay!). It is so soft and lovely on hands, elbows, knees – any dry-skin area that needs nourishment. It is great for sensitive skin (like mine!), and I just love the feeling of my skin after I have applied it.




And those were my favourite things this December! I only put down things that I absolutely enjoyed using, and that made my life feel a little brighter and more pleasant from using them. I hope you’re having a great holiday – this time between Christmas and New Year’s can be a little odd, but I often find it greatly relaxing and a fantastic time to see family and friends.

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