• New Year, New You •

• New Year, New You •

It’s crazy how starting a new year can make you reflect on your life and where you want to be. At 21 and being a recent university graduate, this feeling is significantly amplified! It is currently not just a passing wonder, but rather something I need to spend large amounts of time figuring out.

However, on this journey called life, we need to try to enjoy each day as it comes as well, and not get too caught up in the future. We do need to build our own lives, but we need to take time out to have fun in the present as well.
And so, on New Years I took some time out to forget everything and have a good time, and these are some photos of what I did and saw.
New Year’s Eve 

I had fun dancing and bringing in the New Year with some special people, and as you can see the best photos often end up being the ones where I am laughing at something the photographer has said!

New Year’s Day

I had a picnic on New Year’s Day with two of my best friends; one of which being fellow blogger Victoria Wildflower. We had a grand old time photographing flowers and dancing and running around, just being us. No matter what else was happening in life, the joy from this day will be remembered as a beautiful start to the New Year.

It’s ‘see you next time’ in French from now on, so;

A bientôt!

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