• Cute Dessert Cafés in Adelaide • 

• Cute Dessert Cafés in Adelaide • 


I have been to several delicious dessert cafés in the past few months, and I thought I would share their tastiness with you. These places are places that I enjoy every time and that I most certainly intend to go back to. If you are any sort of a fan of crepes, this is an article for you. I hope you enjoy!


• Le Carpe Diem • 


Found on Grenfell Street in Adelaide’s East End, this cafe is an amazing French Creperie. It is located in a really cute area (where my friends and I love to take photos!) and the staff all speak French. In fact, most of them are French. You can get a Galette if you need, which is a gluten free buckwheat pancake, and it is still just as divine as a regular crepe. Plus there are little old French books around for you to read, along with maps of France and lots of beautiful art. A lovely experience.

• St Louis •

This is my classic go-to dessert place. I usually order a chocolate shot or two with a plate of strawberries, but on this day I was feeling inherently adventurous. I decided to have a nutella and chocolate crepe with strawberries and ice-cream (yes, this girl is a major crepe fan!). It was so soft, so tasty, and so perfect! I thoroughly enjoyed this, and of course I would always recommend. This was the St Louis on Moseley Square at Glenelg, which is perfect in summer as you can work it off with a walk on the beach after!

• 50sixone • 

WARNING: when they say that the meal is meant for four people, they LIED! This was huge! Granted, there were only three of us there, but we felt that even if there was a fourth person with us, or even a fifth or sixth person – it would not have been possible to finish this delicious dessert. It was delectable, fun and totally food-baby inducing. I do recommend this place, but just make sure that you are VERY hungry, and maybe choose to share a one-person size meal with a friend if you can’t handle the amount of sugar (and this is coming from a major sugar addict!). Located on King William Road, gorgeous skies included on pretty summer nights.

• Just Bliss Chocolates •

Mum and I were traipsing around the city when we stumbled across this place and noticed that they do crepes there. Upon agreeing to have lunch there, we headed in and ordered our meals, whilst also getting to trial some of their chocolate flavours! I tried the Cinnamon Rococo and Mum tried Orange Suede. Both their savoury and sweet crepes are delicious (I got to try both – but mine was, of course, the chocolate strawberry one). Definitely fills you up, and tastes so deliciously perfect and light. Found in Gawler Place, this is a wonderful place for your lunch or afternoon tea desires.


I hope you have enjoyed this list and it has given you some inspiration for yummy places to enjoy delicious desserts.

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A bientôt!

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