• A Day at My University •

• A Day at My University •

Bonjour tout le monde!

I am writing this from my bed as I am currently a little under the weather. Having essentially slept for the past four days, I am grateful to say that I am doing better and therefore able to write!



The other day, I went for a trip to my University, the University of Adelaide. Am I still able to call it my University? I suppose – I am just now an alumnus (although this may not be for long – I am seriously considering further study already). Oddly enough, when I walk into the University I almost feel like I am home. This occurs most especially when it is quiet, though, because I am not a great lover of crowds.


Uni is a place of learning, and learning has always been the thing that has come most naturally to me. I seek it everywhere, I wish to piece things together; to discover and to share. It is a place of belonging for those who seek the light of new knowledge. I wish that everyone had the opportunity to attend a University if they wanted to. I am sure that there are many brightly shining minds out there, and I hope that they will keep reading, and keep learning.




Rose-tinted glasses off: exams were horrendous, stress levels were high, and sometimes you just couldn’t get tutors or lecturers to answer that question. But that was where you learned to truly do things for yourself. You learned to deal with that stress, to find the answers, and you found that the knowledge you gained along the way was worth it.


And, slightly long and nostalgic rant over, I hope you have enjoyed the photographs of my Uni ! The beautiful old buildings never cease to make me both curious and awed.

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A bientôt!


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