•Easter Egg Decoration Ideas & Traditions•

•Easter Egg Decoration Ideas & Traditions•

Bonjour à tous!

I hope you’re having a lovely day, and that you are up for an interesting read just this minute. I’ve got some simple tips on Easter decorating, a written tutorial on decorating your own eggs, and a funny read about a rather strange Easter tradition.

Tips on Easter Decorating

I adore Easter – a relaxing time of the year when I get to spend time with my family. Four days of bliss and joy. However, it is also usually quite a busy time, with assignments due, people to see, and important things to get done. Even though it is so busy, I still like to be surrounded by a little bit of Easter cheer. Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love traditions, and I think they are a beautiful way to mark different times in the calendar year.

I have a few Easter decorations that I bought recently and put together in my room. It took me about 5 minutes to put together these little looks, which is great for the busy gal and makes me feel super happy. I tried to style it with a minimalist, Scandinavian look; with plants, marble and mostly neutral colours. I really enjoy it and I hope you do too!

Door Wreath

For this one, I just took one of my Coachella-style headbands and placed my egg bauble underneath it. I hung them both on my little over-door hook, et voilà! A super-easy, sweet and lovely decoration. I found a beautiful similar headpiece here from Lovisa that could easily be used as part of your wreath.

Decorated Eggs

I bought these gorgeous little decorated eggs from the Czech Republic back when I was living there. I bought them in a little shop filled with different decorations, and there were so many stunning Easter egg patterns. These deep blue ones just caught my eye and I absolutely loved them. The egg is coloured and then little etchings are made to create the patterns. I had an old IKEA jewelry hanger and I used that to display the gorgeous eggs. In this case “less is more”, and the eggs have more of the limelight when there isn’t much else near them to distract the eye. There isn’t anything similar from IKEA from this year, but I did find some really cute Beauty-and-the-Beast style display glasses that you could easily put a few eggs in here!

Little Bunnies

These little fluffers are the absolute cutest. I am not actually sure where they came from – Mum just got them out of the Easter box and gave me a few. I would imagine you could get them at most dollar shops or homeware stores. Their neutral colours make them appear more realistic, and they also add to the colour scheme in my bedroom. Even though it isn’t Springtime here in Australia, Easter does feel like a Spring event. This is probably because of its associations with eggs, animals, renewal, and flowers. Due to this, I also like to display flowers in my room. The little bunnies are just so damn cute – seriously, they’re the best decoration!

Decorating Your Own Eggs




I decorated these eggs (today, actually!) and it really was a lot of fun. My designs and handiwork aren’t exactly expert level like Mezesmanna, but I had a lot of fun. How did I create them?

  • Step 1: Take a few eggs and a small pin, and carefully push the pin through both the top and the bottom of each egg.
  • Step 2: Blow into the top egg hole until all of the inside of the egg has come out. Note: this actually takes a LOT of energy, and, I’m not even kidding, it made me feel faint! Maybe I am just a little weak-lunged, but I would advise for you to sit down and take some deep breath in-between during this process! You might also want to clean out the egg by washing it over with some water.
  • Step 3: Take some toothpicks or a long, thin stick and thread an egg onto the stick. Following this, you can paint the egg (carefully!) on all sides and leave to try. It can be best to do two coats to make the colour more opaque.
  • Step 4: Decorate just how you want to! For the looks I created, I used paintbrushes and the ends of toothpicks, as well as an old toothbrush to create the effects.

I am so happy with how they turned out!

An Easter Tradition that’s a little different

If you are from Australia, you are probably familiar with how the Easter traditions go here. Now, I’m not talking about the religious partakings here, but rather I want to discuss traditions that are part of Easter that have both grown around the Christian celebration and also ones that pre-date it. So, here in Australia, we generally have a relaxing weekend, either somewhere camping out in the country or comfy at home. And then on Sunday, we have an Easter Egg hunt where we search our gardens for the special chocolate Eggs that the Easter Bunny has left us.

However, in the Czech Republic, you wake up on Monday morning to a tradition that is a little bit different. Let me do a little explaining here. Traditionally, in the Czech Republic, boys and men would create a stick from the branches of a willow tree. They could then decorate this stick with little streamers, and it is called a pomlázka. Boys and men from the town would go around to the houses of women and girls, and they would recite a little poem whilst tapping the women on the bum with the stick. This poem, along with the willow vines, would then give the women and girls youth, vitality and fertility. In return, the women give them beautiful decorated eggs to eat, and sometimes little sweets as well (or vodka for the men). However, sometimes this can turn a little sour when some vodka-laden men use it as an excuse to whip your bum really hard – definitely NOT fun. Plus, they don’t really do chocolate eggs!

As much as I love traditions, and however much I enjoyed decorating the eggs, when it comes to the bum-tapping: I officially think I prefer Easter right here in Oz.

I hope that you liked this article,  and that you all have a lovely Easter and enjoy yourselves!

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A bientôt!



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Loved all the creative easter ideas, they look so good! Happy Easter.