•Mother’s Day Gift Ideas•

•Mother’s Day Gift Ideas•

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In this part of the world, and in many others (except the UK – oddly enough they celebrate Mother’s Day much earlier in the year) it will soon be Mother’s Day. It is lovely to have a special day that we recognise and appreciate our mothers and those mother-figures in our lives. Of course, one would hope that people love and appreciate their mothers on every day of the year. But it is nice to have this particular day of recognition, when Mums get nice little prezzies and meals from their children. So, without further adieu, here is a list of gift ideas for this Mother’s Day.


Who doesn’t love lounging around in their Pyjamas when they have a day off, or when they have an evening to themselves? Better yet; comfortable, fresh and pretty pajamas? It’s almost guaranteed that your Mum will appreciate a brand-new pair of gorgeous PJs. My fave brand is Peter Alexander for pretty pyjamas and super-warm “home boots” (read: ugg-boots) – I have a pair of my own and they are AMAZING.


It definitely depends on the Mum in question, but: candles!! I adore candles, and most women I know do as well. Get some soothing scents to help your Mum calm down after a long day working her butt off (as Mums are wont to do), or perhaps some happy vibes that can help bring some joy and cheer. I love Glasshouse candles, and they have a stunning new scent called Florence, scented with Wild Peonies and Lily.




Make sure you check if your Mum is a gold gal or a silver gal before embarking on this expedition. This is a good one, because there is jewellery out there for a heap of different price ranges. My sister and I used to get Mum jewellery from Lovisa and the like when we were younger, and now we buy her pieces from places like Pandora.


Music can be a really great gift for a Mum. My own Mum loves Ed Sheeran, and she really wants his new CD to listen to in the car. Even better would be a gift card for her very own Spotify account – then she can listen to Ed and a good many others, create her own playlists, listen to others’ playlists, and more! Its a fantastic gift because she can choose and modify it to suit her tastes.



Spa voucher

Does this one even need an explanation? You Mum will appreciate the rest, pampering, and massages available. There are many different choices for this, and you can pick something based on your budget, which is really handy.



 Purse or Handbag

Every now and then my Mum has her eye out for a new bag. This is a perfect time to find one that’ll be great for her. If there’s anything I like to have that is good quality, it is a handbag (and shoes, actually). A bag is a great gift that you (and your siblings, if you have them) can get for your Mum that’ll last her for years.

Teacup & Tea

If your Mum is a tea person (or a coffee person), then she’ll appreciate a pretty teacup or two. My favourite store to buy tea (in the cute little boxes) is T2. They have really cool flavours like White Rose, French Earl Grey, and Sleep Tight. They have some really cool gift ideas for Mother’s Day here. It could also be a cool idea to go a bit more non-mainstream and check out some etsy teacup designers and specialty tea vendors for something really special and unique!

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I hope you have a lovely day with your mother and mother-figures in your life on Mother’s day. Writing a beautiful card goes a long way as well! Every Mum is different, and I’m sure you’ll know the best way to tailor these ideas to the preferences and heart’s desires of your own!

Do you have any other gift ideas? Let me know in the comments below.

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