•Stunning Birthday Gift Ideas that she’ll just love•

•Stunning Birthday Gift Ideas that she’ll just love•

Bonjour à tous!

I’ve just had my twenty-second birthday (I’m feelin’ 22!). I received an array of stunning gifts from my beautiful friends and family. I wanted to share them with you because I think they are fantastic gift ideas for birthday gifts – I sure love them, anyway! And if a woman in your life is anything like me, she will too!

I am so grateful to my lovely friends and family for these gifts; they are really thoughtful and I appreciate it so much. I have also included a couple of gifts from my Graduation ceremony, as the two were so close together. I did get cash as well as a gift this year, which I asked for because it is really helpful for me at the moment. Now I can buy my beloved ballet lessons and put some toward purchasing a new laptop.

Gift Idea 1: Flowers

I am a classic woman and I do love my flowers. I am always looking at flowers growing by the side of the road or out in nature. It’s good to just observe: be in the moment and wonder at nature’s beauty. And so, of course, when someone presents me with my very own bouquet to marvel at in the privacy of my own room, well, it’s fantastic!

I received a beautiful bouquet of purple and white flowers from Mr Czech for my birthday. Him walking in on his own to my birthday celebration would already have put a huge smile on my face, but him walking in with the flowers at hand? My smile was absolutely astronomically large. I also got a stunning bouquet of pink roses from my Nanna for my graduation which I managed to keep going for about a week. They were so beautiful and I was happy to have them in my room.

beautiful flower bouquet
My stunning bouquet from Mr Czech

bouquet of roses

Gift Idea 2: Pandora Charms

Pandora charms are beautiful pieces of jewellery that hold within them fragments of memory and love. For me personally, I assign my own meanings to them based on what I bought them for/who gave them to me. I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful pink Radiant Droplets charm from Mr Czech. It was a really beautiful moment because I actually didn’t know what I was getting from him; I loved it!

I also received a beautiful dragonfly charm as my graduation present from my maternal grandparents. Dragonflies represent good luck, so I really loved this one. It is called the Dragonfly Meadow Silver Openwork charm. Last year when I finished my exams I also got a charm from my paternal grandparents; a stunning love-heart called the Ribbon of Love Heart charm.

Pandora Bracelet
My stunning Pandora bracelet with my new beautiful new charms

Gift Idea 3: Makeup Brushes & Eyelashes

I’ll be honest here, I’d been needing new brushes for a while at this point. Actually, my dear sister, who gifted the brushes to me, gave them to me for precisely this reason. She had been helping me to do my makeup for an event and she kept asking “where is x?” “where is y?” (x and y being makeup products). The main response she got was “oh, I don’t have one of those”. Yeah, I know, I need to up my makeup game.

Anyhow, she saw that my brushes were getting a bit ancient and one even had some red nail polish on it from when it spilled on my New Zealand holiday. So she bought me a stunning new rose-gold brush set and some eyelashes to boot! The brushes are so super-soft on the skin, and they have already made a massive difference to my look – especially the blending brush. My eye shadow game is way better now, and I am overall just so happy with this gift!

Here are a couple of similar makeup brushes you might like to have a look through:

Gift Idea 4: Pom-Pom Earrings

I have noticed a lot of people around wearing pom-pom earrings, especially when going out to bars or night-time events. I absolutely love them. However, I figured that it was just going to be something that I”d eventually buy but I wasn’t sure when – I don’t go out shopping all that much. So, you can imagine how elated I was when I opened my gift and saw the exact pair of earrings that I’d been looking at the other day. I didn’t realise that my friends had their eye on me when I mentioned that I liked the earrings whilst we were out at the shops the other night. It is such a cool trend and if you’ve got a friend or family member who is into looking colourful and happy, I definitely recommend pom-pom earrings!

You can check out some similar pom-pom style earrings to the ones I got below:

Gift Idea 5: Aimee Song’s Book on Building the Ultimate Platform

My friends clearly also had their eagle eye on me (yes, their collective eagle eye) when I spotted this gem of a book at  the shops. I had a flick through it and I thought it looked fantastic. As a blogger and someone who is looking to grow my own social media platforms, I really wanted to have a read. I was so happy when my friends gifted this to me for my birthday! I have already read a fair bit of the book. The tips are very helpful and there are also a lot of stunning photos that show off Aimee Song’s skills. It is a fantastic guide that you can easily learn from end emulate to build your own ultimate platform.

You can purchase this amazingly helpful book just here by clicking on the photo below. If you have any aspiring bloggers or instagrammers in your midst, this is the perfect gift for them!

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for birthday gifts that you could get for that special woman in your life. I really loved the fact that I got a mixture of things that I love and things that are really practical that I’ll use. And the best part is that even the practical things look gorgeous!

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A bientôt!


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