• My Winter Wishlist: Fashion and Style for the Upcoming Season •

• My Winter Wishlist: Fashion and Style for the Upcoming Season •

Bonjour à tous!

Welcome to a new fashion post! Winter is coming up faster than ever, and those colder days call for warmer clothes! There have been a lot of interesting trends that I’ve seen around on the city streets leading into the winter months. There are some I’m keen on, and some I don’t like so much. For example, I don’t really love the t-shirt and dress trend or the long silk mid-thigh dress trend either. However, as we know with trends, they can have a tendency to grow on you until a few months later all of a sudden you are wearing it! So, who knows, perhaps they’ll grow on me.

There are also a lot of trends that I am really enjoying, as well as classics that are definitely on my wishlist for this winter! I am definitely a classics type of girl when it comes to my style, so I am careful when participating in trends because I like my clothes to last. However, some trends are just so much fun to take part in that I have to try them out for myself!

Thigh-High Boots

I love. this. trend! I’ve always thought this look was so chic – but I haven’t had the chance to wear it! I feel like you need to have a lot of confidence to wear a pair of boots like these well – they absolutely command it. If you’ve got a pair of these, stand tall and be proud – you look fabulous!

Denim Jacket

My friends have been wearing their denim jackets like absolute queens for some time now, and I feel like it is time I hop on the denim-toting fierce-80’s-girl style bus. I absolutely love the way it looks, and more importantly, the way it makes me feel whilst wearing it. It keeps you warm whilst also exuding style.

Bright Colours

Bright colours are a must for lightening up those grey wintry days. I am a huge fan of brightly coloured coats for the winter. They stand out in a crowd, and they can also make a really basic outfit look fantastic. Bright dresses and shoes are also always chic, but I’d definitely go one statement piece at a time to look truly elegant.

High-Neck Knitted Jumper or Jumper/Dress

 One of the reasons why I love winter is because I get to wear big, comfy jumpers! If I’m at home, it is likely to be my big old Uni of Adelaide jumper. However, if I’m going out, my favourite type of jumper to wear is a high-neck knitted one! They are so comfortable and they look fantastic with a good pair of jeans. I also love wearing knitted dresses in winter – with a pair of tights and a warm coat you’re all set!


Here’s a trend I didn’t think I liked that much but have managed to come around to: velvet. I wasn’t so sure about this trend when it started showing up on runways and in stores. However, seeing my beautiful model sister wearing a velvet bodysuit convinced me that it could look good (then again, she could make a paper bag look good, but we ain’t all gonna go invest our money in them!). Anyway, I am seriously thinking of trying some velvet out: I’ve already entered the trend with a choker – let’s see where we go from there!


 Gingham gives off such a preppy vibe. Being the self-professed nerd that I am, I definitely dig gingham. It is also really playful and fun to wear. Black and white gingham with a red lip and red heels is absolutely perfect.

Long Skirt

Long skirts are so much fun! I must admit that my favourite reason for wearing them is that you don’t have to worry about what may or may not be showing and make constant adjustments to your clothing: you know its all covered – you can relax! It is also really fun to swoosh the skirt around. Yes, I am that much of a big kid. They’re pretty, too, and keep your legs warm. You really can’t go wrong here.

And that’s my little Winter Wishlist. I hope you enjoyed reading about it and that you got some ideas for your own Winter Wardrobe! Since it is going to be Winter here in Adelaide, I didn’t need to include such things that I’d need if the weather were to be really, REALLY cold. However, if I’m ever overseas for Winter there would be a whole lot more (toasty warm) additions to this list! As it is, with our beautiful Mediterranean climate, it shouldn’t get too cold. I am looking forward to wearing some beautiful Winter outfits and getting my (ice) skates on for the Winter Wonderland festival – it was so much fun last year and I’m sure it will be this year again.

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