Hallett Cove Boardwalk: Things to do in Little Old Adelaide

Hallett Cove Boardwalk: Things to do in Little Old Adelaide

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As much as I love to travel, I also enjoy finding beautiful places to explore back home. I think that it is important that one finds their own little adventures and keeps their traveller’s spirit alive. In light of this, I have decided to start a new series called Things to do in Little Old Adelaide, which will incorporate some of these fun activities.

There are people out there who don’t seem to be of the opinion that there is much to do here in my beautiful hometown. I suppose that through this little series I hope to prove them wrong. Our little city is full of things to do and ways to celebrate. However, it is also quiet and peaceful enough to allow calmness and relaxation into our lives. So, let’s dive in with my first selection: the Hallett Cove Boardwalk!

The Boardwalk

The Hallett Cove Boardwalk is, surprise surprise, found in scenic Hallett Cove on the coast of South Australia. You can walk all along the coastline, taking in the stunning ocean views and enjoying the sea breeze. It is quite a special place in South Australia with a lot of geological history. It features the cultural presence of the Tjilbruke dreaming, and there are lots of little signs around throughout the walking explaining different things about the area. The boardwalk is 5.1km one way, which generally takes about 90 minutes to complete.


There is a side path you can go down when you are on the boardwalk, which takes you to see the Sugarloaf. The Sugarloaf is made of rock that has been eroded into the shape of a sugar cube. It is really amazing to see what nature has created over huge periods of time. Geology is something that has always awed and interested me, so I really enjoyed seeing the beauty in this area.

The View from Above

There is a part in the hike where you walk upwards toward the top of the cliffs. When you reach the top, you can see the gorgeous coastline and the rocks below. The houses on the other side are not quite Cinque Terre, but they’re almost there! I loved the deep grey of the rocks mixing with the green-blue of the waters below. 280 million years ago, the area was covered with thick layers of ice. The ancient glaciers and subsequent lake are both gone now, leaving behind beautiful and interesting marks on the rocks.

The Beach

There’s an area where you can go right down the bottom to the beach. Note: there are a lot of stairs! Also note: if you want to improve your fitness, I definitely recommend doing these stairs! When you get to the bottom there are a plethora of wonderful objects to look at and enjoy. I found some gorgeous sea glass and a big sea sponge! The rocky area that leads into the water has a rippled surface, which is really cool. Tiny little creatures live on those rocks, and it is really fun to observe them.

The Water

The water was very cold at this time of year, but it was beautiful nonetheless. The rocks underneath the water create tiny little pools and the whole scene is very pretty. I would imagine that one might be able to hang out here in the water in summer, but you’d have to be careful about the rocks!

The Love Locks

There are a lot of viewing platforms all along this walk, but this one has an extra special meaning. People put ‘love locks’ on the wiring of the viewing platform. Some of these locks look pretty old and rusty, so I’m going to assume this has been going on for a while. I don’t think that the viewing platform is going to be falling down from too many locks anytime soon (there aren’t a huge amount of locks there). It was fun to have a look at the locks and imagine the love stories of the people who put them there.

The Sunset

I was actually here twice in the past few days; once with Mr Czech and one with my friends. I loved both of the times that I was there. When I was with my friends, we were there later in the day and therefore got to see the sunset. It changed the whole look of the landscape by bathing it in golden light. It was absolutely stunning.

I hope you enjoyed the photos and that you have been inspired to do a little bit more discovering or adventuring within your own city, no matter where you live. Doing this sort of thing is great because it not only fulfils your sense of adventure,  but is also a form of exercise! It’s a win-win. And if you aren’t from Adelaide but you are thinking of visiting, I hope that some of my ideas can help you create your travel itinerary!

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