Bonjour Barossa: The Delicious French Event at Seppeltsfield Winery

Bonjour Barossa: The Delicious French Event at Seppeltsfield Winery

Bonjour à tous!

Aujourd’hui, je vous parlerai de Bonjour Barossa!

Bonjour Barossa was a beautiful event held at the historic Seppeltsfield Winery, in, you guessed it, the Barossa Valley. It was a gorgeous experience to have had, especially in the middle of winter in South Australia. Everyone arrived there clad in cosy coats and knitted beanies (and the odd beret or two, of course!).

The Winery + The Event

I went with my lovely parents, both of whom enjoyed the event as much as I did! When we arrived, we walked through the stunning grounds of the Seppeltsfield Winery. The air was fresh and crisp, and vines grew along the sides of the buildings. A beautiful waterfall sat opposite the front doors to the cellar door wine tasting area.

We followed along the path down to the main entrance and lined up – being fairly early, though, we got in pretty much straightaway. I was lucky enough to be able to have a quick chat with the founder of Bonjour Barossa at the front counter where we had purchased the tickets. I asked her how she had got involved with the event, with the intention of potentially becoming involved next year. She told me that it started with an idea – her idea – and here it all was! It was wonderful to meet her! There were also many sub-events on throughout the day, including cooking demonstrations and the like. We didn’t go to them, but it could be a nice idea for next year.

Inside the Main Building

Upon entrance, the senses were filled with glorious sights and scents. Little French flags and fairy lights adorned the ceilings, and lit up the long wooden tables below. There were gorgeous little stalls set up along the walls, and people were bustling around everywhere trying to get a look!

One of my favourite stalls was that of Mulot’s Patisserie. Perfect little pastries lined the tabletop, filled with berries, strawberries and raspberries. The strawberry and blueberry ones had that shiny glaze on top that makes the pastry that much more delicious – and photogenic! I also saw a couple of different stalls offering uniquely French bibelots (knick-knacks), like snowglobes, Parisian doll necklaces and floral handbags.

More along the lines of delicious foods, I also loved the Udder Delights Cheeses stall. Cheese is amazing, and I will eat it, no matter how mildly lactose intolerant I may be. People were going absolutely crazy for the cheeses – there were these little cheese baskets that you could buy that came with crackers to have for a lunch feast! I, though, being decidedly short on cash, opted to try every single type of cheese offered at the tasting booth. I can faithfully report that they were all delicious.

There was also a tasty Beef Bourguignon stand. I didn’t get to try any myself, but I saw the deliciously steaming plates of it being held by hungry event-goers and it looked divine. There were also heaps of wines stalls around, ready to pour you a glass of Seppeltsfield goodness.

The Marquee

We headed into the Marquee in search of some lunch, as we had heard there were crepes inside! Near the entrance of the Marquee, there was a lady providing wines to have with lunch, and a Punch and Judy show which thrilled the children in attendance. There were a lot of long wooden tables inside where people were eating their lunches and enjoying their glasses of wine. We actually also got provided with wine glasses bearing the label Bonjour Barossa on the front, which was really cool!

There were a few gorgeous stalls inside the Marquee. One of my faves was Fleur Social, which was selling some absolutely gorgeous flowers that were a joy to look at. Nomad Candle Co also looked awesome (I do love my candles!), and La Creperie Catering was where we had our lunch! There was a fair bit of a line up, but the delicious crepes were worth it. Mum and Dad both got a tasty savoury crepe with ham, spinach and onion jam inside. I had one with homemade Nutella inside. Delicious!

The Cellar Door + Jam Factory

After the event, we were still feeling like doing a little bit more sightseeing whilst we were there. We decided to head into Jam Factory, which is a not-for-profit design and craft gallery with studios attached. I really enjoyed the artworks and design pieces that I saw, but my favourite were the gorgeous ceramics and jewellery by Ruby Pilven, and the electric steel pieces by Sean O’Connell.  I also loved Julie Fleming’s Millinery, and I saw a pair of gorgeous earrings there that I adored!

We also had a lovely time checking out some of the wines at the Cellar Door. The woman who served us was so nice and helpful, describing the  wines really well. We ended up purchasing two of the wines, a Shiraz for Dad and a Vermentino for me.

Heading Home

All in all, I had an absolutely stunning day and I really enjoyed myself! Next time, my family and I are thinking of staying at the Barossa Valley for the weekend of the event. The way home provided us with beautiful views of the countryside, and everything was lovely and green due to our winter rains. I definitely recommend checking it out next year!

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Love, Chloe xo



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