Winterfest at Port Adelaide: A Wonderland of Frosty Joy

Winterfest at Port Adelaide: A Wonderland of Frosty Joy

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Picture a bustling winter market set at an old flour mill adorned with beautiful Christmas decorations and pine trees. A crisp winter breeze cuts through the air, but a warm wood fire smell permeates your surroundings as you make your way in. To me, it smells of Europe – and it looks like it, too. Bare trees and fairy lights decorate the top of my vision and warm foods are offered at stalls lined up in a row.

This is the Winterfest at Port Adelaide – a wonderland for people of all ages and many things to see and do. When I think about our lovely little city of Adelaide, I feel proud that in the past few years we have managed to put on such fantastic events for the people to enjoy. It is honestly so much fun and I am really thankful to the creators and everyone involved in the Winterfest for putting on this amazing experience for our city!

The Market Stalls

The Market Stalls…. where do I even begin? They evoked a sense of magic as I walked through them, filled to the brim with gorgeous products and pretty decorations. I honestly would have bought almost everything if I could have! Luna and Luxe sell delightfully scented soy candles in beautiful ceramic glasses, whilst The Vintage Fox offers beautiful jewellery and (of course) vintage style bags and hats. Blush & Co sell fabulous jewellery pieces that involve a fair amount of rose gold and tassels: two of my utterly favourite things!

Winter & Wyld earrings are so colourful and zany, and Sweet n Petite Kids sell gorgeous children’s clothing (think lots of bright patterns and tulle) as well as beautiful decorations. Wili Heat Bags are just lovely, and made with ingenuity – they even had hand warmers, which I’d not heard of before! Little NJ offers brightly coloured dream catchers, and Throw Shoe sell a mixture of vintage clothes and accessories, including groovy kitschy brooches and earrings. There were also a few other market stalls that sold children’s toys and the like (not really my bag as of yet, but they had some cute stuff!).

The Food Stalls

When you step outside the markets and the main seating area, you will see a little lane on which several different vendors are selling their delicious foods. There are lots of options to choose from – you could go German with a pretzel, or opt for some simple classic festival fare with a potato chip stick. You can also eat some scrummy Italian pizza or feel French with a delicious crepe. I decided to go for the crepe of course (who would have guessed) from the crepe bar. My crepe was absolutely divine – it was made with nutella, strawberries and desiccated coconut and I enjoyed it 100%.

Traipsing Around

Even simply just walking around the festival is a joy for the senses. The red-brick of the buildings contrasts against the starkly bare trees and the yellow of the fairy lights glow against the blue-grey of the sky. There’s a little photo booth where you can take pictures and a pop up bar called the parlour. It is just wonderful to see how the old mill has been transformed for this event and it is a testament to the creativity of everyone involved in its planning and implementation.

You can also do ice skating here, as they have a big ice rink within the festival. It is under cover, so don’t worry if it is raining! Prices start at $8.50 for children and go up to $14 per adult. There are also Happy Hour prices available on Sunday – Wednesday from 5pm-8pm.

My Little Haul from the Markets

I definitely would have bought more than I did if I could afford it, but at this point I settled for two gorgeous little products from the markets. I absolutely adore both things that I bought. My new ring is from the Vintage Fox, and my delicious Vanilla Bean scented candle is from Luna & Luxe.

The festival is still on until the 23rd of July so I definitely recommend going to check it out sometime this week. If you love the thought of a winter wonderland or if you’ve ever experienced a beautiful Christmas in Europe or North America, definitely go to this event! It is filled with glorious nostalgia and lots of joy. Plus, it is fun to rug up and feel cozy as you meander around the beautiful event. If you want to get some more practical info about attending the event, head on over to its website.

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Love, Chloe xo

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