My Spring Style Wishlist – Fashion Looks for the Upcoming Season

My Spring Style Wishlist – Fashion Looks for the Upcoming Season

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So it may be a little premature of me here (considering we still have one month of winter to go), but I am so excited about Spring style! I have been seeing gorgeous floral patterns and flowy skirts pop up in the stores, and I am looking forward to wearing them way too much. I’ve compiled a little list of the new styles that I am most looking forward to wearing, and I thought I’d share them with you! I hope you can get some inspo for your own Spring wardrobe for this year.

Long Skirt

I’ve always been a fan of long, flowy skirts and I think that they are perfect for Spring style. When the weather isn’t quite warm enough yet for a pair of shorts, a long skirt will still keep your legs relatively warm. Plus if you’re at Uni or school it means you don’t need to worry about your skirt hiking up too far from your backpack – it’s long, so you always know that you’re covered!

Off the Shoulder Tops

I have been in love with off-the-shoulder tops since last summer when all of the European and American bloggers started wearing them on their Instagrams. Luckily enough, it seems that they are still being embraced for this next season. I really love ones that have cute little puff sleeves in block colours like light blues, reds and whites.

Frills & Lace

Can you tell yet that my style (especially my Spring style) is super feminine? I think I change style every day based on how I’m feeling, but I can definitely see that my general overall style definitely changes based on the season. Frilly sleeves, frilly skirts, and even frills on a pair of shorts just add some pretty femininity to your outfit. Lace is also gorgeous, especially that thin style of lace that you can layer with other pieces of clothing.


I have actually never owned a pair of Espadrilles (a sad day for me, I know!), but I have always thought that they are really beautiful. I can’t wait to wear them all spring (and summer) long.

Floral Patterns

If you’ve been following me for a while, you will probably know that I absolutely adore flowers. So naturally, having them on my clothing is essentially a must-do for me in the Spring.


Mules are pretty 90’s I must admit, but this recurring fashion trend has really started to grow on me. I’ve seen a few people wearing them lately and I kinda want a pair of my own! I’m not sure which colour I want yet but I’ll definitely be having a look around before Spring comes up.


As an amateur ballerina, nothing excites me more than plenty of gorgeous tulle! I see it everywhere on kids clothing and it always makes me beg the question: WHERE is the pretty tulle section for adults?! There must be one somewhere, because I have certainly seen enough Russian instagrammers sporting them all summer long in the Northern Hemisphere. Maybe I have to go to Russia to get one?! I wouldn’t mind a trip over there to be honest, but I think it’d be a lot less expensive if I could get one here!

I hope you got some inspiration for your Spring wardrobe! We don’t have to wait much longer; I’ve already seen the almost blossoms blooming and they are just beautiful!

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Love Chloe xo

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