How to stay organised when your schedule is crazy busy!

How to stay organised when your schedule is crazy busy!

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As I sit here writing this to you all, I have about a million things sitting on my to-do list – and that’s just for today! If I don’t finish what is on todays list, the things I have to do will be pushed further and further back until – BOOM! I explode!

I’ll bet a lot of you can identify with this modern-day business that we all face; things constantly popping up that need to be attended to, study to do, work to complete, people to look after, households to run…. Sometimes it can get a little too much.

So, I decided to compile a list of how I stay organised and on top of things when my schedule is crazy busy. Because we can all talk about being calm and zen and ‘doing nothing’ – but some things just NEED to get done each day.

  • Learn to say ‘no’

Since beginning my new job (which I am SO grateful for and happy at) and starting four subjects at University again this semester, I have had to learn that sometimes you have to say ‘no’. If you say ‘no’ to some things, it means that you are able to have the time to do the other things well. Now, this isn’t to say that you should have absolutely 0 of a social life or never go out and have fun, but you have to choose the times when this suits. You will know when you need to make that decision.

I’ve had to decide that I won’t be blogging weekly any more, and I’ve had to bow out from different Instagram groups that I wasn’t able to keep up with. Now, I’ll be writing a blog post when I have the time and when inspiration strikes. I’ll still be keeping up with my (mostly) daily Instagrams though. This was something I had to choose to do in order to maintain my sanity and actually have some time out for myself.

I won’t ever say no to viewing gorgeous bunches of flowers, though!
  • Write out an extensive plan

If you are at Uni or school, write out a plan in a diary about which days things are due. Then, write which little bits of homework and/or study you are going to do each day in order to have things finished well on time. I have actually written an article solely on “how to be a study boss” here if you want to check it out. Make sure you put your work hours in the diary as well, and any other commitments that you have. This is all important in making sure that you don’t give yourself too much to do on any given day – as it is almost guaranteed that if you do that, you won’t have the time to achieve what is on your list.

Having a plan really helps. Or, you can just daydream into the skies above.
  • Prioritise your time

This is sort of similar to learning to say ‘no’, but sometimes there are too many things on our list on a certain day for us to be able to achieve all of them. This is where prioritisation comes in. Highlight the things on your list that need to be done the most – these might be the hardest, or the ones that are due the soonest. Do those things. At the end of the day, whatever you haven’t been able to achieve can be put onto your planner on subsequent days.

Prioritise Sunflowers, always.
  • Stop Multitasking

We all know by now that research shows: multitasking is NOT good for productivity. This means: no watching YouTube videos whilst you write your blog post or study, and no scrolling through Instagram and Facebook whilst watching a lecture. Focus on the task at hand – you will understand the concepts way better and the outcomes of your work will be a lot more impressive.

Stop multitasking in its tracks – unless it involves looking at pretty purple flowers.
  • Figure out when you can fit things into your schedule sneakily

Now, this is not me condoning multitasking, as you have just seen me totally bag it in the point above. This is about utilising your time WISELY. When you are sitting there on your daily commute – stop scrolling Facebook. USE that time to read for Uni, plan for work, listen to useful audiobooks (or, my favourite for learning vocab, listen to myself reading out the English and then the French/Latin for each word – GREAT for memorisation!). The key here is to fit things in when you would otherwise be doing nothing, but when you are not at home. This is 100% important for someone like me who lives quite far from the city and isn’t at home super often.

Fit things sneakily into your schedule – like taking pictures of these stunning red flowers on your way home from Uni.
  • Give yourself SOME time to relax

Yeah, I know I said about the zen and calm thing, but seriously, if you have no time to yourself, you will actually go insane. Schedule in at least one instance of the following into your week:

  • a nice warm bath with a cool bath bomb
  • a pampering session for your nails, hair and skin
  • a lie down with a good book
  • a walk in the sunshine
  • a baking session
  • watching your favourite TV show

Once you’ve had time to do something you enjoy and that you can completely relax into, it’ll allow your brain to rest. This will let you perform better in everything you need to do – and you’ll feel better on the inside too!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy those stunning almond blossoms popping up everywhere!

And that’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed my post and that it gave you some tips for how to stay organised when life gets hectic (which it does seem to do – a lot)!

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Lots of love and happiness,

Chloe xo

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