Adelaide Fashion Festival Couture Culture Show

Adelaide Fashion Festival Couture Culture Show

Bonjour à tous!

I hope that you are all doing well! October is a beautiful crazy month in Adelaide. I love how many events and festivals we have on in our lovely city – it is really beautiful to see how much we have going on here.

Couture Culture Event

On Thursday night I went to the Couture Culture Fashion Show as part of the Vogue Adelaide Fashion Festival, and it was fantastic! When you enter the event, you get to hang out in the White Marquee which is filled with gorgeous pink décor. It was so much fun to walk around in there and take pictures with all of the pretty props. I was there with my friend Victoria and we had great fun in the White Marquee.

Once we arrived into the main building, we got given some free drinks, took some pics and went and sat down. The pink theme was really beautiful and I loved seeing how everyone styled themselves for the event.

And then the show commenced! The way that it began was really beautiful, as all of the models posed with a white ladder and a lounge covered with gorgeous flowers of many different colours from Studio Botanics.

The Beautiful Designs

The local labels who presented their lovely designs were GretaKate, Sylvy Earl, Calèche, Varacalli Couture, Jaimie Sortino, Eliza French, Couture+Love+Madness, and Ashlee Lauren.

I have included pictures of my favourite designs from the show below. Apologies in advance for my photos not being of the best quality – this gal ain’t rich or famous enough yet to be in the frow (#studentlife)!



I loved the two Calèche dresses above for the femininity and classic shapes. I adored the sleeves on both, and the designs really reminded me of the early 19th century. As a history lover, I really enjoyed this.




I think that this Varacalli Couture piece was one of my absolute favourite designs. I really love everything embroidery. The colours make me think of Mexico and the patterns remind me of East Asia. As a lover of all things beautiful, all dresses feminine and flowy, and all foreign cultures, this dress was perfect for me.



I ADORED the two Couture + Love + Madness dresses above! The pattern looks somewhat like Japanese flowers and art, and I thought that the netting-like material was a really nice touch. The sparkles added to the glamourousness of the designs, and as soon as I saw that little jacket I fell in love. I would definitely wear it both with the dress and with another outfit too.



The two above were also ones I absolutely fell in love with (are you starting to see a pattern here yet with me and sparkles?) The sky-blue was such a pretty colour and I loved how it was a theme throughout both dresses. The cut of the first dress is so gorgeous and it really reminded me of a classic Dior dress. I adore the fact that it has pockets – it makes it appear so glam yet nonchalant – the ultimate cool. I think that Couture+Love+Madness was probably had the most of my favourites from the night, and I was lucky enough to meet their super-talented and beautiful designer Cristina Tridente.


I absolutely adored this Eliza French piece. It just makes you feel like you could pop a glass of sparkling champagne in her hand and the Eiffel Tower behind her and it’d be the perfect scenario. So, so glamorous, and filled with everything I love (i.e. tulle, sparkles and femininity).



I loved the detailing on the back of this Jaimie Sortino piece. Such elegance and style, and a lovely surprise when the model has passed you on the runway and you get to see the back of the dress!


There are still two more days of the Adelaide Fashion Festival (including today) and there have been so many beautiful things going on. The Vogue Festival in Rundle Mall was on yesterday and is still on today, so definitely head into the city and check it out if you can! I was there yesterday and the shops are doing so many fun deals and freebies in celebration of the event!

I’m just so proud of Adelaide and grateful to all of the people who have worked hard to make this event the fabulous time that it has been.

I hope you, my dear readers, have enjoyed reading this article! Fashion is beautiful and it is so fun to celebrate!

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Until next time my loves,

Chloe xo

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