Christmas Joy ✨

Christmas Joy ✨


Hope you are all well! Amongst all of the busy craziness at work, I have been managing to do some fun Christmas activities to enjoy this beautiful festive season. This has included going to Carols in the park, driving around to see all of the pretty Christmas lights, and putting up the Christmas tree!

I am also going to be having a bit of a change for 2018. This coming year, I am thinking of more frequent posts and more photography – I am really getting into it with my parent’s DSLR; it is so much fun!

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I recently bought this Christmas book! It is SO interesting and debunks a lot of myths about where certain Christmas traditions came from, as well as providing explanations for others. As a Christmas lover, I literally HAD to buy this book when I came across it on the shelf in Dymocks (I just LOVE bookstores – they’re the best – very busy at this time of year though!).

One really cool thing I’ve read about so far is the Lord of Misrule, which I had always wondered about, given that there is a Lush Christmas Bath Bomb with that name. The Lord of Misrule was a courtier or man of social status who planned entertainments for Christmastime and ‘ruled’ through the traditional twelve days of Christmas.

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I love my decorations, it was so much fun putting them up! I have heaps of decorations that I made when I was a child at school, that I have kept and still have on my mini tree! I also have many more decorations that I have collected over the years – you can tell that I like sparkly things!

Wrapping the presents is also always a lot of fun. I bought my pretty Christmas wrapping (some red stars, some Scandinavian rustic style patterns) and set about making my gifts look as exciting as can be, all whilst watching Love Actually in the background. And I had my Christmas candle on too, which smells perfect, like gingerbread and cinnamon. I really love creating fun little atmospheres for myself to enjoy, so this was a great day.

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There is something I’ve always wanted to do at Christmastime, but I’ve never had time for in previous years; make a gingerbread house! Now in my adult life I have learned the lesson that if you want to do something badly enough, you have to MAKE time for it. So, I did.

And my boyfriend and I made a pretty little gingerbread house! Ok, so, it isn’t the best one ever made, but it was our first time making one and I think it turned out pretty neat! One thing we weren’t prepared for, though, was how long it would take!! It took us several hours to make, but we didn’t mind because we watched some Christmas movies while we baked. It was a really cute Christmassy afternoon.

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Merry Christmas to all! Joyeux Noël! I hope that you are also able to enjoy the Christmas season, have a relax, and enjoy your time.


Chloe xo

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