Christmas Day + New Ideas

Christmas Day + New Ideas

Bonjour à tous!

I hope that everyone has enjoyed a beautiful Christmas Eve + Day together with family + friends. I definitely had a lot of fun eating delicious food with my family, sharing jokes and giving gifts as well as doing a lot of singing and dancing with my sister! I really loved all of my beautiful gifts; I am so grateful to my lovely family, friends and boyfriend for them. Some of the amazing presents I received included:

  • beautiful Lovisa hoops
  • a book called How to be a Parisian
  • cute little cacti
  • a super cute Sportsgirl denim skirt
  • my favourite scented Glasshouse candle – Tahaa
  • two fantastic linguistics-style books that I LOVE, one of them being on popular untranslatable words, and the other essentially a thesaurus of fancy words in English
  • a bit of moolah, which will come in really handy for my savings into the new year (read: travel!)

I am so grateful!

Now, on Boxing Day, it’s time to stop and have a bit of a rest. Everything that has gone into making Christmas the special day it is has finished, and it is lovely to just be able to put your feet up and chill out for a while. I have definitely spent a lot of time relaxing in bed today, and I have loved every minute of it!

I am also starting as I wish to continue by doing some yoga; one of my plans for the new year is to do a lot more yoga – perhaps even every day! I have a couple of other ideas for the new year as well. I decided not to call them ‘resolutions’ because I want them to be a source of joy rather than something I feel like I ‘must’ stick to. My ideas include:

  • engaging in more yoga and meditation
  • having more plants in my surroundings at home
  • learn how to photograph properly
  • do a silver jewellery making workshop
  • do some violin lessons
  • continue with ballet
  • do more artwork
  • blog more frequently
  • go on more hikes

I am so excited for the new year and all that it brings!!

And yes; I am way too obsessed with my new fairy lights. I have them on my Christmas tree right now and I intend to use them for a lot of blog photography coming up in the new year.

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Lots of love,

Chloe xo

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