What to Wear for New Years

What to Wear for New Years

Bonjour à tous!

New Year’s Eve is almost upon us! It is generally a pretty fun night, filled with parties, friends and dancing. I’ll be attending a couple of parties on the night and also hopefully catching a glimpse at the fireworks too.

2017 has been a really intense year for me for many reasons, but I am really happy and grateful to be ending the year on a high. I am really looking forward to making 2018 a beautiful year, full of self-care and caring for others, travel and kindness.

But of course, the real question is here, what should we wear on New Year’s Eve? I’ve got a couple of ideas and options below, including the classic: the sparkly dress!

Sparkly Dresses

New Year’s and sparkles just seem to go together! And I do love myself some sparkles. I actually have sparkly nails this year (SNS – it really is fantastic). Wear some of these for a glitzy glam look.


Pants and pantsuits are so LIBERATING to wear! I have become really obsessed with wearing comfortable, stylish, flowing pants lately. Seriously, comfort is key – and I get so many compliments on my groovy pants!


Untitled design (5)


Shiny Dresses


If you aren’t quite sure if you can go for sparkly – why not try out shiny? You can either go futuristic or velvet – both look beautiful and will definitely make a statement on the night.

Fitted Dress

I will actually be going for a fitted dress this year! I know – a little surprising given my penchance for glitter. But I went to Kookai today and I found the perfect red fitted dress and I can’t WAIT to wear it – you know that’s when you’ve found the perfect one!

I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year’s Eve and a beautiful 2018!

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Lots of love,

Chloe xo

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