My Cultural Weekend in Adelaide

My Cultural Weekend in Adelaide

Bonjour à tous!

J’espère que vous allez bien (or, I hope you are all well)!

I wrote that in French because I am about to tell you about my Frenchie cultural weekend! Last weekend was the Adelaide French Festival, and there were so many events on to go to. I also went to do some cultural events on Sunday that weren’t explicitly Frenchie, but they were very fun, and that involved going to the Museum and the Art Gallery! 

Friday Night – So Frenchy So Chic



Enjoying the croquet



Having a bit of a read of the newspaper


The Lancome lip suite and Kerastase braid bar


On Friday night I was lucky enough to be invited to So Frenchy So Chic by La Roche Posay. I had a brilliant time there with my friends Rubee and Ben. First up, we went to the lovely La Roche Posay area, where we got to play croquet! I had never played that before, so it was interesting to see how it is done – and Rubee and I tied as the winners! It actually got pretty sunny in the evening as well, so we popped on some of La Roche Posay’s beautiful soft Anthelios sunscreen and I got to try out the little UV patch as well!

After having a great time at croquet, we decided to take a look around, grab some food, and check out the live music. It was so cool when I ordered my dinner, because I got 50% off my food — and all because I ordered it in French! (And that my French is bad enough that they could tell I’m not a native and was really trying – haha).

The live music was fantastic- I loved the artists and the ways that they really incorporated the crowd and made it so interactive. Féfé, General Elektriks, Juniore and L.E.J played on the night. I loved dancing along with L.E.J., and later on in the night, vibing along to Féfé’s tunes. It was so, so cool the way he brought everyone together! Plus, I do love rapping in French.

During the night I also managed to make it to Kerastase’s Braid Bar. It was so awesome; my hair looked so cool! Kinda princessy or medieval-style. I loved it!

Saturday – Carrick Hill




The Stanley Spencer piece


The famous Momotaro Japanese story statue
The pear trees





Saturday meant going to Carrick Hill with my grandmother. I had never been to Carrick Hill before so that was a really cool experience. It is a beautiful old heritage house that was once owned by Edward and Ursula Hayward. The house is so grand and is full of gorgeous collections of artworks and furniture that the couple collected throughout the years.

The gardens cover quite an area of space as well, and they are beautifully maintained. The property is now owned by the State so that all of the public can enjoy this wonderful place. Carrick Hill was part of the French Festival this year, so there was a “Frenchy” house tour that my Grandmother and I went on. Throughout the tour we learned about several wonderful pieces of artwork that the owners had collected, and bits and pieces of their life stories along the way. One of my favourite pieces in the house was by Stanley Spencer (From the Artists Window, Cookham). I just loved the colours and the clean lines in the image; to me, it looked like the perfect little place to live.

I loved the gardens so much: they reminded me a little bit of when I was in Versailles. It is definitely a place I’d like to go back to, and maybe just read a book or do some painting in the gardens.

Sunday – Art Gallery and Museum








On Sunday it was time for my boyfriend and I to go to the museum and art gallery. It was such a cute day; I had so much fun. After a lunch in the mall, the first stop was the Art Gallery of South Australia. Unfortunately while we were there, they happened to have some of the rooms closed for maintenance of the pieces. However, fortunately, the wonderful Tarnanthi exhibition was still on, so we got to see some beautiful pieces of contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art!

I also got really excited about some art pieces that had Latin inscriptions on them, because I could read some of the words. Like, jumping up and down excited. I think I am in the right career path (linguistics major).

After the art gallery we headed over to the South Australian Museum (it’s just next door: very handy)! We had a look around at some of the classic exhibits, and I was really interested to read some of the information I have already been learning about Aboriginal languages in my summer school (I’m currently doing a summer school on Aboriginal languages). Of course, we had to make a competition out of who could hold their hand against the ice the longest in the Douglas Mawson Antarctic Expedition exhibit (he won… dammit). And we had a bit of fun standing on top of the giant squid exhibit (it is several floors up, and the floor is glass, so it is a little scary – yes, still, even as an adult)!

The gemstones are one of my favourite rooms so we spent a little while in there as well. It is always so interesting to look at the gorgeous colours and marvel at which areas of the earth they came from. My absolute FAVOURITE exhibit, though, has always been the Egyptian room. I just always find it so crazy to see their jars for cosmetics, jewellery, and hair combs – they really were just like us, only existed much earlier! Plus, there is a replica of the Rosetta Stone in there (which I did actually have the privilege of seeing in London), and a little chart of hieroglyphics that I used to read and write my name with when I was a little girl. Of course, I got a picture of myself standing next to the Rosetta Stone replica and I think at this point my boyfriend really got to know the true level of linguistics nerd that I am.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend full of interesting culture and history, and definitely one that I’ll remember for a long time.

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Lots of love,

Chloe xo

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